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Advocate Window

Информация о товаре

Cover Paper:
Linen textured, available in 3 different colours (240GSM)

Durable glue string, specially designed by Bindomatic

Spine Widths:
Spine widths from 1.5-15mm

Number of Sheets per Cover:
Between 1 and 150

Other formats than A4 Portrait on request, potentially with minimum quantities.

Advocate Window

  • A traditional look for your important documents
  • Linen textured paper
  • A window to customize and personalize your first page
Цена: 1руб.
Document Format
Spine Width


The Advocate covers are made fully of coloured linen structured cardboard with or without a front window. The size of window is 100x75 mm with corner radii 1mm. Window position is fixed in the centre and 55mm from top edge.


All covers come with a strip of glue pre-attached to the spine and also pre-scored hinges both in front and back of the cover. As a rule of thumb, 10 sheets of 80 gr/m2 paper can be bound for each mm of spine width.

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